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Meet the Experiential Learning changemakers aka our Student CEOs®!.

(Spoiler Alert: They’re all going places!)

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Meet each of the standout Student Cafe Executive Officers® of the Spring 2024 semester!


Student CEO of Drexel University (Saxbys Drexel PISB)

Major: Finance


Student CEO of Drexel University (Saxbys Drexel 34th Street)

Major: Finance

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Amiyah Lamar

Student CEO of Saxbys Holy Family University

Major: Health Promotion & Wellness

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Kaitlyn Gonzalez

Student CEO of Saxbys Mount St. Mary's University

Major: Undecided

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Shana Sargeant

Student CEO of Saxbys Boston University

Major: Business Administration

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Connor Lindsay

Student CEO of Saxbys Penn State University

Major: Finance

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Alexandra McDowell

Student CEO of Saxbys Rowan University

Major: Marketing

a person holding an umbrella

Lizzie Bruce

Student CEO of Saxbys John Carroll University

Major: Biology; Chemistry

a woman wearing a blue shirt

Farrah Wengler

Student CEO of The University of Pittsburgh (Saxbys Pitt Hillman Library)

Major: Psychology

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Fredelyne Jajoute

Student CEO of Community College of Philadelphia

Major: General Business

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Isabella McLaughlin

Student CEO of The University of Pittsburgh (Saxbys Pitt Cathedral)

Major: Accounting & Finance

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Madison Rattiner

Student CEO of Saxbys Rider University

Major: Marketing

Kinga Kurek posing for the camera

Danielle DeOrzio

Student CEO of Saxbys Saint Joseph's University

Major: Food Marketing & Finance

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Arbor Lloyd

Student CEO of Saxbys West Chester University

Major: Business Management

a young boy holding a blue umbrella

Tameka Thelisnort

Student CEO of Saxbys Georgia State University

Major: Finance & Marketing

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Student CEO of Saxbys Purdue University(Coming Soon!)

Major: Hospitality & Tourism Management

a man smiling for the camera

Simone Coates

Student CEO of Saxbys Bowie State University

Major: Accounting

a woman smiling for the camera

Lauren SanFelice

Student CEO of Saxbys Rowan College at Burlington County

Major: Marketing

a woman holding a sign posing for the camera

Abrianna Gentile

Student CEO of Temple University (Saxbys Temple Fox)

Major: Finance

a woman holding a sign

Sarah Zamichieli

Student CEO of Saxbys Temple University (Saxbys Temple on Liacouras Walk)

Major: Marketing