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a hand holding a glass of beer
Boxed Cold Brew in a refrigerator

Boxed Cold Brew


Just Unboxed: Cold Brew now on tap anywhere, anytime.

Crisp & refreshing - bringing a smooth moment of chill to your day. We taste notes of milk chocolate, caramel, honey and crisp apple. 

  • 1 Box = 16 cafe-fresh servings ready for you + the whole squad (...or just you).
  • Stays fresh for 30 days after opening. Special package ensures your last cup is as fresh as the first.
  • Currently consists of:
    • Guatemala, Chimaltenango region
    • El Salvador, San Miguel region
    • Kenya, Kiambu region

“To say I'm obsessed with Saxbys' cold brew would be an understatement!” -@maria_doesthings, a Saxbys LaSalle guest.

Available as 101 FL OZ Box

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