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Pep Talk®


A lively & well-rounded reminder that you rock, today and every day. We taste notes of butterscotch, chocolate chips, and dark cherry (and the ability to make life 3x better). 

“Reminds me of that first bite into a cherry cordial.” -Steph, from our 30th Street Cafe

  • Currently consists of:
    • Guatemala, Huehuetenango region
    • Colombia, Hulia region
    • Brazil, Cerrado region
  • Process: Two fully washed, one natural
  • Brew Hints: When brewing the Pep Talk at home, we enjoy it most as filter coffee.  Making a Chemex or other style pour over, try 30-32 grams of coffee and 500 grams of water.  The perfect amount for you and a friend.

Available in: 12oz Bag, 5lb Bag


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