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How to Make Cold Brew at Home

a cup of coffee on a table

No fancy brewer? No problem!  You can make Cold Brew at home with things you already have around the house. 

Have a Toddy Cold Brew? We've got you covered too - Click here to see the Toddy Cold Brew System Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

A clean container
You want to use something that you can cover. In a pinch, we often use a mason jar with a lid. You could also use a reusable water bottle, or even make a cover out of something (for example, a coffee filter and a rubber band.  It doesn’t need to be airtight.) For this recipe, the container needs to hold at least 12oz of liquid.

A strainer 
The strainer will have to be pretty fine to catch all the coffee particles. We used a paper coffee filter, but you could use a sieve, paper towel, or even a reusable tea strainer. 

1.8oz (4.5 tbsp) coarsely ground Saxbys Cold Brew coffee
You can make Cold Brew with any type of coffee, but for the crisp refreshing flavor we pour in our cafes, we recommend using our Saxbys Cold Brew blend. 

10oz of cold water (filtered if you have it)


1.  Measure out 1.8 oz (4.5 tbsp) of coarsely ground Saxbys Cold Brew Coffee 
If you have your own grinder, the consistency should look about the consistency of bread crumbs. 

2.  Add your coffee to the container you’re using (in our case a Mason Jar)
Make sure it’s clean and dry to begin with!

3.  Add 10z of Filtered Water
Pour slowly and in a circular motion to ensure that all the grounds get wet. 

4.  Stir the mixture 
Give coffee a controlled stir. Be sure to reach all the way down to the bottom of your jar.

5.  Steep the whole mixture at room temperature for 20 hours.  

6.  Before you strain, break any crust that has formed on top of your brew.
The easiest way is to use a spoon to give the surface of your brew a gentle stir, so the grinds sink down to the bottom. This step will be really helpful when you start to strain to avoid mess.

7.  Strain your brew.
Using your chosen strainer, strain your brew by pouring it through the strainer into another container. 

8.  Dilute your brew. 
We have created a Cold Brew Concentrate. Dilute your brew at 5 parts Cold Brew Concentrate to 7 parts water. Why not just equal parts?  That extra bit of water ensures a crisp & refreshing finish! You can dilute it all at once, or as you go.

9.  Serve over ice! 

*This Cold Brew concentrate will last up to 5 days in the fridge. Once diluted, it’s best to drink it right away.

How to Make Cold Brew with a Toddy

a glass of beer on a table

The toddy cold brew system is the same process we use in our cafes & this recipe is the next-best thing to fresh cold brew out of a Saxbys cafe tap.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A Toddy Cold Brew System

A Toddy Paper Filter Bag

6oz. Coarsely ground Saxbys Cold Brew coffee

34oz of cold water (filtered if you have it)


1.  Place the rubber plug snugly into the bottom hole of the brewing container.
Make sure to insert from the bottom so you can easily remove it once the brew is finished.

2.  Place a reusable felt filter into the bottom of the brewing container from the inside, then open up a Paper Filter Bag and seat it inside the container.
If it’s the first time using the felt filter, rinse it thoroughly with some warm water.

3.  Grind the 6oz (14 tbsp) of coffee on a coarse setting; about the same consistency of bread crumbs.
No Grinder? No problem! When ordering your coffee, ask for it to be coarse (we’ve got you covered). 

4.  Add the grounds into the paper filter bag. 
Give the container a gentle shake to settle all the grounds to be flat and even.

5.  Measure and pour 34oz of filtered water directly into the coffee grounds.  
Pour in a circular pattern to try and wet all the grounds evenly.  If you see a dry patch, use a spoon to gently push it into the water (but don’t stir vigorously).

6.  Twist the top of the paper filter to seal it, then place it somewhere it can sit undisturbed at room temperature for 20 hours.
The easiest way is to use a spoon to give the surface of your brew a gentle stir, so the grinds sink down to the bottom. This step will be really helpful when you start to strain to avoid mess.

7.  Once the 20 hours have passed, using the handle, hold the device above the glass container and remove the rubber stopper.  Place the device on top of the glass container to drain completely.
Don’t worry about trying to physically compress out any extra cold brew, the liquid that’s left inside the brewer will be quite bitter. 

8.  You've created a delicious Cold Brew! Now add a lid to the container and store it in your refrigerator.
This cold brew is a concentrated form.  It’ll stay fresh in the fridge for up to 5 days.

To Serve:

When you're ready to drink your cold brew you'll need to dilute it with additional filtered water. 

To get the perfectly balanced cup (as we make it in the cafe), mix 5oz of concentrate with 7oz of water, then pour over ice. 

If you'd like to prepare multiple servings, just follow the same ratio of 4 parts concentrate: 5 parts water. Of course if you prefer a stronger cold brew, you can adjust the ratio to your own preference.