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Toddy Cold Brew System


Saxbys® Cold Brew Toddy Recipe

The Toddy Cold Brew System replicates the process we use to make Cold Brew in our cafes in the comfort of your own home. The cold-water brewing process allows you to create a satisfying and crisp cup of coffee that’s low in bitterness; perfect for enjoying over ice on a hot day.  

The kit includes a Toddy brewing vessel and a glass pitcher to drain and store the finished brew. It also includes two levels of filtration (a reusable felt, and a single use paper filter) so you end up with a clean, refreshing finished product The Toddy system is great for making larger batches, so it’s ideal for sharing (or just you!  We don’t judge.)

What's in the box: Brewing Container with Handle, Glass Decanter with Lid, Reusable Filters (2), Rubber Stopper (1), Paper Filters (3) & Instructions

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