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Participation in the program will support BU Dining’s
long-term goal of significantly reducing trash from landfills

[BOSTON, MA, September,19] — Saxbys is Boston University (BU) Dining’s newest partner in their ‘Choose to Reuse' program. With a mission to ‘Make Life Better’ and a commitment to sustainability, the program is a natural extension for Philadelphia-based Saxbys. Aligning with BU’s Zero Waste Plan will help with redirecting 90 percent of BU’s trash from landfills or incineration by 2030.

Since opening earlier this year, Saxbys has remained committed to supporting BU Dining’s goals of finding ways to protect the environment. Similar to other dining establishments in the program, choosing to participate begins through the GrubHub app. Once used, the cups and containers need to be returned to the drop boxes located by Saxbys in BU’s Center for Computing & Data Sciences within three days. Saxbys Associate Director of Culinary, Alexandra Romey, is excited to be a part of the initiative, which significantly contributes to reducing a guest's carbon footprint. “Innovation and corporate responsibility are part of our ethos and brand as a Certified B Corp and experiential learning company. We infuse this through our menu offerings and how we operate each one of our cafes, so being a part of the ‘Choose to Reuse' program at BU is a natural fit for us,” said Romey.

“Our award-winning, Choose to Reuse program has been incredibly popular and impactful since we launched earlier this year.  Saxbys is located in the greenest building on campus, and this partnership will be vital to the building achieving TRUE Zero Waste Certification. We are thrilled to be expanding our Choose to Reuse program to Saxbys, with reusable containers and reusable cups, and to continue to grow a culture of reuse at Boston University.” - Lexie Raczka, Sustainability Director for BU Dining

Visit Saxbys on the ground floor of the Center for Computing & Data Sciences to try their crushable Cold Brew Collection, stacks of grilled cheese, and so much more. For further details about Saxbys, visit, and to learn more about the ‘Choose to Reuse’ program, visit BU Dining’s website.