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Nico Abdullah  

Student CEO at Pitt Hillman

Spring 2022

"Hey Guys, Im Nishanth Abdullah, a Finance Major here at University of Pittsburgh, and as of now a newly appointed Student CEO for the Saxbys cafe located in the Hillman Library. As obesity was such a big factor for 17 years of my life, the gym has always played such a huge part towards my path of outbeating it. My love towards the gym started during the initial quarantine period when I started to go on a strict low-calorie diet, walk 10,000 steps a day (588 Days in a Row as of 1/21/22 and on the track for the 2 year mark), and go to the gym 6 days a week. Through that dedication during that initial period, I lost around 70lbs! Having the Baierl gym always accessible to me during the summer and during school semester with the huge variety of new and pristine gym equipment helped me achieve my goals to outbeat obesity and a place where I can destress and escape from reality!"

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