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Meet Our Temple University Brand Ambassadors!

two women holding cups of cold brew

If you’re anywhere near Temple University, you’ve probably seen our talented group of brand ambassadors pop up on your Instagram feed. They’re fashionable. They’re funny. They work hard. They’re basically entrepreneurs, developing authentic followings so they can offer people a glimpse into their worlds. 

At Saxbys, entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do — from choosing college students to run our cafes to empowering our team members to make strategic decisions. For our brand ambassadors, it’s no different. Rather than telling them what to post, we rely on their creativity to showcase Saxbys to the world. They’ve responded with beautiful photos, engaging videos and incredible Instagram Stories. 

We wanted to learn a bit more about how this group of Saxbys brand ambassadors are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles. So we asked them one simple question: 

How does being a Saxbys brand ambassador bring out your entrepreneurial spirit? 

Olivia Kagen 

This ambassador position has provided me a platform to share my daily inspiration with my fellow Temple Owls. College is a hectic blur packed tight with opportunity and hard work, with such small portions of time to step back and take it all in. I feel that my entrepreneurial spirit is shining through as I discover creative ways to share my "break time" with the other students here at Temple. Saxbys acts as a safe place for me to reorganize my day and enjoy decadent treats alongside bright and robust coffee. I love to share my Saxbys experiences and encourage others to delve into their days and seize opportunities using Saxbys as both comfort and fuel. 

 Carli Showmaker

I'd say that being a Saxbys ambassador brings out my entrepreneurial spirit by challenging my creativity when it comes to social media marketing. Every time I post a picture on my Insta or Story, I think about ways that I can make it look the most visually interesting to try to get people to engage with it! Every post is about making the coffee or food item look like more than just a cup of coffee/plate of food. Adding colors and emojis and different ways to bring the posts to life are a fun challenge every time.

Ally Fisher

Being a Saxbys brand ambassador brings out my entrepreneurial spirit because it gives me a platform and a purpose to build a personal brand through social media. While building a stronger personal brand has always been something I have wanted to improve at, being a Saxbys brand ambassador gives me a direct purpose and motivation to improve these skills.

Julia Ostrovsky

Being a Saxbys brand ambassador brings out my entrepreneurial spirit by providing me with the opportunity to represent a brand that holistically practices what it preaches. I take so much pride in actively supporting a company that is committed to making a positive impact on the surrounding community, and have been inspired by Saxbys and this program to incorporate the same values into my everyday interactions, professional ambitions and life!