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Meet Our Penn State University Brand Ambassadors!

Being a Saxbys Brand Ambassador is far more than just taking cool pictures and posting them to Instagram. We empower our brand ambassadors to take risks, be entrepreneurial, and help promote our brand in ways we never thought possible. We hope it’ll not only help them gain exposure, but also help them showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

So we checked in with our amazing group from Penn State University to get the answer to one question: 

How does being a Saxbys brand ambassador bring out your entrepreneurial spirit? 

Kristen Hayes 

Being a Saxbys brand ambassador allows me to create my own brand within the company itself. This opportunity has helped me to create a personal brand alongside Saxbys' and use their products to create content that fits not only my aesthetic, but Saxbys' as well. It's super cool because each ambassador at each school has their own "personal brand" and aesthetic, so none of our content looks exactly the same! I never saw myself as an entrepreneur before, but since starting this position I have seen an increase in my entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it's promoting Saxbys through content or influencing followers to download the Saxbys app, I am using my own business to promote their business, which is pretty neat!

Abigail Hammell

I’ve always been an independent person, which I think translates well into my interest in entrepreneurship. Being a Saxbys brand ambassador allows me to work independently, but I am also able to ask questions if I need help. I love that I can create content when it fits in best with my busy schedule and I can be proud that what I am producing is 100% authentic to me. I can get guidance from the Saxbys team if needed, but I never feel like I’m being micromanaged. Honestly, their trust in me caught me by surprise, since I am so new at this. But, I really enjoy the personal responsibility I’m given to manage my own time and deliver what is expected of me. I am really excited to be a part of something so new with so much potential! In general, the freedom that comes with being an ambassador has given me a strong sense of self and responsibility to truly own what I am creating.

Joy Kim

Being a Saxbys brand ambassador has allowed me to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit by giving me freedom to create content in my own style. Nothing is cookie-cutter or pre-made for the brand ambassadors, so it truly allows me to think outside of the box and take lead on all of my posts. It is so fun!!!

Mackenzie Willet

Being a Saxbys brand ambassador has encouraged my entrepreneurial and creative spirit simultaneously. As an entrepreneur, you are consistently writing up new ideas, plans, etc. Similarly, these aspects can be seen when considering my role as a brand ambassador. I am constantly looking for new ideas and ways in which I can develop those ideas, step by step, into a finished product.