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What will I need to do to start enjoying the new experience? 

If you’re a current iPhone User: You’ll receive an email on 1/4/2024 prompting you to update the app and change your password.

If you’re a current Android User: You’ll download our new app “Saxbys Official” on 1/4/2024. But, don’t worry, we’ll remind you!

Note to iPhone Users: Once you have updated the Saxbys app, click "Forgot Password", & reset your password via the email you receive!

Will my current Saved Payment Methods still be stored in the app still?

Credit Card information will not be transferred over to the new app to keep your information secure. However, all gift card and pre-loaded funds will be transferred over and it’s super easy to add back in any payment methods you choose.

Why will the app be unavailable on 1/2/2024 & 1/3/2024?

Making the transition as smooth as possible is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why on 1/2/2024 & 1/3/2024, the app will be offline as transfer over your loyalty progress.

What about my pre-loaded funds, digital gift card balances or unused, unexpired credits?

All pre-loaded funds and digital gift card balances will be transferred over to the new app for you as a new digital gift card to use right away. It’ll be waiting for you!

Any unused, unexpired credits that you may not have had the chance to redeem before our update will be brought over to the new app in the form of points, and you’ll get to pick how you’d like to redeem them among our rewards options. For example, users with the following unused, unexpired rewards will receive 50 points per $1 of outstanding:

Mover/Shaker Loyalty Credits

Sign Up, Birthday & Referral Rewards

If you're missing any of this from your account, please reach out to and we'd be happy to help.

Don't have an app account and using a Digital Gift Card QR code that's been emailed to you? No worries, we got you. We'll be reissuing your balance to you via an email on 1/5 with your new QR code. We've got your email address and we'll be in touch!

I’m close to my next reward on the old app. Will I lose my progress?

Nope! All users will keep their loyalty progress that they’ve earned. Your progress will be converted into points instead. 2 points per $1 for Movers, and 4 points per $1 for Shakers.

Will I still have access to my old transaction history?

Your transaction history will not be transferred over. However, when you log into our new app, you may see 1 purchase already established. This is how our team brought you up to speed on your Reward progress. Don’t worry, your account was not charged for this. All of your transaction history moving forward will be stored under “Past Orders”.

When do I get Points? / I did not receive my points.

As a “Mover” (everyone starts as a Mover) you’ll earn 2 points per $1 that you spend when you transact with the Saxbys App. Once boosted to “Shaker” status, you’ll earn 4 points per $1. Points can take 24 hours to be added to your account after you transact with the Saxbys App. If you still do not see your points after 24 hours, please email us at Please note that you do not receive points for tax, tip, discounts, applicable fees, or gift card purchases.

What rewards can I redeem my Extra Credit Points on? 

(50 Points) One Single Steeped Coffee Bag (at select cafes, expires 3/1/2024)

(100 Points) One Free Bakery Item

(120 Points) $3 Off One Order

(150 Points) 1 Free Regular Cold Brew

(200 Points) One Free Saxbys Reusable Cup (In-Cafe Only at select cafes) OR $5 Off One Order

(300 Points) Any One Free Cold Brew Collection or Energy Drink

(400 Points) Any One Free Breakfast Burrito or Grilled Cheese

(500 Points) $13 Off One Order. Pro tip: this is perfect to grab a Grilled Cheese AND a Cold Brew!

(1,000 Points) $20 Off Saxbys Merch (In-Cafe Only at select cafes)

How do I redeem a reward?

When signed into your account, you can redeem rewards by applying the offer at checkout (when ordering ahead in-app or online) or before you scan & pay / scan for rewards in-cafe. Just make sure that the item you’re applying an item-specific reward to is actually in your cart/on the check in the cafe to make sure your reward covers the item. Heads up! Rewards/offers and points have no monetary value and cannot cover tips and fees associated with any order. Once your offer is applied, you can then pay any remaining balance.

Can I earn points for an order place outside of the Saxbys App?

While Third Party app platforms will not qualify for points, you can earn rewards by ordering ahead on the Saxbys App, online, or in-cafe when you Scan & Pay with the app OR when you Scan For Rewards and pay separately with any other form of payment that we accept.

Do rewards expire?

Rewards & discounts may have different expiration dates depending on the reward. Expiration dates are listed with each reward in your account.

Will I keep my Shaker Status? How do I become a Shaker?

If you’re currently a Shaker, you will maintain this status in the updated app! If you’re not yet a Shaker, once you earn 600 points (spend $300) within 365 days, you’ll be boosted to Shaker status to receive all Mover status benefits, PLUS earn 4 points per $1 spent, and surprises.

Can I reorder a past order quickly?

Yes! Once you start using the new Saxbys App, you can access past orders to quickly reorder with the “Past Orders” button on the home screen. Heads up! Reordering this way will place the order at the cafe where this order was placed last.

Can I stack rewards and offers?

You cannot stack rewards/offers in one transaction. For example, you cannot stack a $3 off reward with a reward for 1 free bakery item. You can, however, place two separate transactions. Rewards are available for a one time use only. So you’ll need to use the entire value of the reward in the transaction or the whole offer goes away.

Do Extra Credit Points expire?

Yes, Extra Credit Points earned expire after 365 days. Make sure to use them!

I’m missing my old Pre-loaded Funds/Digital Gift Card. What should I do?

We are so sorry that you’re missing your funds. Please reach out to so that we can get these added back for you.

I’m missing an outstanding, unexpired credit that I had on my account.

We are so sorry that you’re missing your reward that you did not have a chance to use. Please reach out to so that we can get this reward sent over to you as points to redeem on whatever you’d like.

I’m an iPhone user and did not receive an email to reset my password.

We’re so sorry you did not receive your email. Please update the app in the Apple Store and reset your password and let us know at if you have any other issues.

I’m an Android user, can I use the old app on 1/4/2024?

Starting 1/4/2024, Android users will download our updated app named "Saxbys Official". Don't worry, we‘ll send you reminders!

There was an issue with my order. How do I get a refund?

Please reach out to and we can assist with any refunds as well as adding points back to your account if you missed any.

Have any other questions or have feedback on the new app?

We’ve tried our best to think of all the ways the Saxbys app can Make (your) Life Better–it’s been at the heart our new app experience, but in case we’ve missed something that’s important to you, we’d love for you to share. Feel free to reach out to us at