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Meg Hingorani

Student CEO at Pitt Cathedral

Spring 2022

“I first learned about Saxbys during my Business Communications summer class with Professor Carolyn Kerr last year - it was the one day I was expected to join our zoom class late and so I was only able to join in for the last 5 minutes of the presentation by Robbie Robinson- inaugural Fall 21-22 SCEO of the Pitt Cathedral cafe- accompanied by HQ members from HR and marketing. The only words I was able to listen in on were “Student CEO, hospitality and not just coffee.” And I’m really glad they stuck because that sparked a raging curiosity in me to the point where I knew I needed to learn more. Professor Kerr helped me connect with Robbie Robinson - who also happened to be her former student-  who has since been an incredibly supportive friend, mentor and leader. I find it really wonderful that despite having our own unique stories about how we made connections at Saxbys, we credit one common and influential source - our business communications class taught by Professor Kerr. I didn't realize how beyond grateful I could be to a summer class for giving me the resources to build the growing network that I have today and Professor Kerr for further facilitating my connection with Saxbys.”

-  Meg Hingorani, Spring 2022 Student CEO Saxbys Pitt Cathedral

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