Saxbys is a hospitality business fueled by great coffee — and great people. You may have noticed that all of the hospitality professionals who work at Saxbys have three traits in common: They’re all outgoing, detail oriented, and disciplined (or O.D.D., as we call it at Saxbys HQ). It’s essential to our team’s success that all of our team members share these traits and live and breathe our mission, Make Life Better, and our core values:


·      We are a community serving our community

·      Embrace being O.D.D. (Outgoing, Detail oriented and Disciplined)

·      Loyalty + profitability = growth

·      Live with pride, passion and purpose

·      Serve yourself by serving others

·     Care personally and communicate openly


If these core values resonate with you, we’re sure you’ll be a good fit for the Saxbys Coffee team. Our current openings are listed below:


All Cafés


If you love making people happy and want to be an essential part of your local community, you’d be the perfect fit for the Saxbys Coffee team.


We’re always on the lookout for baristas and team leaders to contribute to our team and the communities we serve. Team leaders will be the go-to baristas during their shifts (additional responsibilities include opening and/or closing the café, inventory, and scheduling). Our favorite people to hire are O.D.D. (outgoing, disciplined, and detail oriented) and share our company vision to Make Life Better for each and every Saxbys guest.


If you’re a people person, always remember a name and face, and would love to learn the ins and outs of making coffee and espresso drinks (or you already have barista experience), please apply now.

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Café Executive Officer (C.E.O) Job Description

Philadelphia, PA | New Hope, PA | Lehigh Valley, PA | Durham, NH | Newark, DE


Saxbys Coffee is looking for outgoing, detail-oriented, and disciplined hospitality professionals to join our Café Executive Officer Development Program.  As a member of our management team, you’ll be essential in creating café culture and developing your team. You will ensure that your Saxbys café is an integral part of its surrounding community. You will help your team members make connections with the guests they see every day and also lead café operations, staffing, guest engagement, product quality, financial performance and team development.


C.E.O Competencies:


  • Create a culture in your café that embodies Saxbys Mission Statement, Make Life Better, and Core Values in all daily activities.
  • Develop relationships to ensure that your Saxbys café is an integral part of the local community and exemplifies that we are a community
     serving our community
  • Identify and develop brand ambassadors on your team that can contribute creatively to your café (chalkboard signs, tip jars, etc)
  • Anticipate guest needs and endeavor to exceed expectations. Mitigate guest feedback and always respond in good taste



  • Abide by Saxbys standard operating procedures and ensure that all of your team members follow suit
  • Identify opportunities and institute key performance indicators to meet and exceed sales goals, and use operational tools to monitor costs
     to increase profitability
  • Assist with the development and implementation of policies and procedures to enhance operational efficiency
  • Work with Human Resources to ensure adherence to applicable wage and hour laws for nonexempt partners and minors
  • Come up with quick, creative solutions to operational issues as they occur


Team Development

  • Ascertain the training needs and offer appropriate coaching and direction to the team while providing regular feedback and performance appraisals
  • Monitor and manage café staffing levels to achieve and maintain the operational requirements while meeting or exceeding labor goals
  • Communicate clearly, accurately and discretely with team members, Saxbys HQ, and peers, both verbally and in writing
  • Recruit and continually develop Team Members who will be consummate brand ambassadors
  • Be well versed in effective conflict resolution techniques



  • Work hard, be extremely nice, and embrace being O.D.D. (Outgoing, Detail oriented and Disciplined); natural leaders will thrive in this role
  • Experience in hospitality is required; hospitality leadership is desired
  • College degree is not required but desired
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, high initiative, smart risk taker
  • Ability to be a jack of all trades, should be able to pick up on new concepts quickly and adeptly
  • A quarterback and a cheerleader – Must be able to follow the playbook with precision, call a few audibles when necessary and also be the loudest voice in the room when advocating for Saxbys and for the café
  • Physical Requirements include:
  • Able to stand, walk and smile for extended periods of time
  • Able to stoop and kneel
  • Push, pull, lift or carry up to 35 lbs.
  • Ascend or descend ladders, stairs, ramps


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Saxbys Headquarters

2300 Chestnut Street | Suite 310

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